About us

About us section

What makes this website unique

In the next weeks and months, you will see the vast and varied business projects and ideas i have in my backlog. I truly believe that if you can envision it, then you can make or build it.

Core beliefs

When life hits you, hit it back with a vengeance!

One should be rewarded to his or her ambitions, abilities, efforts and talents, not only through sheer luck or contacts.

Story of me

I was working as an engineer at one of the largest engineering consulting firms in Quebec. Then the corruption scandal in the construction industry happened. As business dwindled, I was let go, with dozens of other colleagues. Furious about having to take flak from the actions of a few rotten apples, I also realized that despite having played all my cards right and doing whatever society established as a road to success, i was no where near where i wanted or deserved to be.

Thus my journey to build property while keeping my dayjob began.

My purpose and the purpose of this blog

  • Show how can you launch your ideas on the market while keeping your dayjob
  • Inspire would be entrepreneurs
  • Help others avoid the mistakes i’ve made
  • Build a community of people who are looking to take their professional lives in their own hands